The 2012 Brtish Nuclear Disaster was a nuclear incident that occurred at two locations in Great Britain. The nuclear incidents occurred at Sellafield nuclear plant and the AT88TV Tower nuclear launch tube. The attacks so far have claimed sixty-one lives. (Sixteen at Sellafield plant and forty-five at the AT88TV Tower.) It also affected the Republic of Ireland, albeit less severely.

Timeline of events

16:27 (LST) - Explosion at Sellafield plant Reactor 2. All ten workers inside Reactor 2 were killed when the explosion occured.

16:32 (LST) - Four more people die at Lollafield plant, after exposure to radiation.

16:33 (LST) - AT88TV declares a National Emergency and sends out an National Emergency Action Notification.

16:45 (LST) - Great Britain and Ireland declare a National Emergency after Sellafield explosion. Internal explosion cause of attack, say officials.

16:59 (LST) - Four Roflnukes launched from twenty-second floor launch tube at AT88TV Tower. Targets were believed to be military bases around Earth 2, including Camp Bastion, the main British military base in Afghanistan

17:14 (LST) - Forty-five people confirmed dead at AT88TV Tower.

18:06 (LST) - One of the nukes remotely detonated in mid-air over Newcastle upon Tyne.

18:10 (LST) - Nuke heading for London disarmed.

18:23 (LST) - Nuke heading for Camp Bastion disarmed.

18:29 (LST) - Final nuke disarmed. Computer analysts quickly determine that unknown forces sabotaged the AT88TV Tower nuclear launch system.

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