Horn Of LOLfrica

The 2012 Invasion Of The Horn Of LOLfrica by Minecraft

The Invasion of Soimalia and Ethilolpia was an invasion launched by The Republic Of Minecraft without much reason. EASlol stated to his people and the world saying "These Lolfrican contries are extremely unstable, the only way to stabalize them is reunithing them under a new banner, a banner of communism."

The world powers were stunned with The Republic Of Minecraft when the invasion was launched, they originally thought that Minecraft would never invade anyone and had everything they needed. Obviously they were wrong. EASlol has also stated he will need no aid from his communist allies.

Events During This Invasion

  • 5/29/12 The Invasion is launched and the Red Army begins securing beacheads on Soimalia, the first capture objective, The Lolfrican Milita began to resist the Red Army but were hammered by Minecraft's fierce Navy.
  • 5/29/12 The Red Army secures a beachead and begins attacking Lolfrican Militia Bases witihin Soimalia, The Red Army is also within two hundred miles of Soimalia's capital and begin moving to capture it.
  • 5/29/12 Minecraft decides due to massive protests and threats from the USSR, Minecraft pulls out of Lolfrica and returns home.

Reactions By World Leaders

  • Pieboy6000 was shocked by the news, and condemned the invasion. He stated "While I have been invading my fair share of countries, the ones I invade aren't in some of the poorest regions of the world."The USSR began dropping some supplies into Ethilolpia in protest to the invasion, and threatened an intervention if the invasion wasn't halted.
  • "I find the invasion absolutely pointless. If we don't speak up for poor countries, then we don't really speak up for ourselves. The RA is making a fool of themselves, and I despise of it. This invasion is absolutely pointless." - Therobloxmegaguy.
  • ER88 as Denounced the Invasion. In a speech earlier he said this: "Several poor countries on Earth 2 shouldn't deserve to be invaded. Soimalia and Ethilolpia are two examples. I mean, I've Had My Fair Share Of Invasions, But, Seriously? Two poor countries being invaded? Wow, And I Thought there wouldn't be a point so low Like that.

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