The 2012 Minecraft Terrorist Attacks were a series of attacks carried out by the Communist Linux Penguin Army in total radio silence. This has been marked as the second deadliest day in Minecraftian History.

Sequence Of Events

  • 9/21/12, 2:00 PM, hijacked MiG-40 crashes into the EASlol tower.
  • 9/21/12, 2:30 PM, Minecraft's largest nuclear power plant in the Valley of the Four Winds is sabotaged. Causing one of its reactors to explode, the others however remained intact.
  • 9/21/12, 3:30 PM, bombs are detonated in the USSR and British embassies in Lolcraftia.
  • 9/21/12. 4:00 PM, the EASlol Tower collapses.
  • 9/21/12, 5:00 PM, the attacks cease and a total of 20,000 Minecraftians were killed.

World Leaders Reactions

EASlol had this to say about his beloved country suffering such vulgar attacks.

"My Country has suffered dearly on this day, it pains me to watch worker droids and medics pull bodies from the rubble, It is deeply saddening that this horrible attack costed thousands of lives. This is a grim reminder that the CLPA must be destroyed and cant be allowed to cause further destruction in our world"

Lockheed responed by saying "I will assist Minecraft at all costs. No terrorist will destroy an ally of mine".

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