2012 Russian Invasion of Hungloly


September 2nd, 2012 - September 3rd, 2012


Attackers: USSR (1st), Polold (22nd)

Defenders: Hungloly (65th)


Russo-Pololish Victory

-TTSMaster23 removed from power in Hungloly

-Hungloly annexed by the USSR

The 2012 Russian Invasion of Hungary was an invasion of Hungary, Eastern Europe. Russian troops (assisted by Polish troops) began invading through the Slovakian regions of the USSR at 5:39pm on September 2, 2012 with a force of 1.7 million soldiers, including 200,000 Polish Special Forces, 500,000 Spetsnaz, and 20,000 PSAS, encountering resistance that was noted as being "pretty futile."

Reactions by World Leader

"This is an unwarranted invasion and is completely unreasonable!"

-Comedydan21, Hungary

ER88 of tetrana said what he said to Mongolia and Ireland:

"You hungarians need to fend for your fucking self, For the love of god, quit sending allies of the USSR pleas"

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