2012 Russian Invasion of Loldonesia


November 27th, 2012


USSR, Halcyon, The Scimitar



 The 2012 Russian Invasion of Loldonesia was a Russian led invasion of Loldonesia that ended within the same day as it started.

Notable Events

  • 11/26/12 The USSR Invades
  • 11/26/12 The Scimitar is spotted by Loldonesian troops as it fires torpedoes and destroys military bases.
  • 11/26/12 A Loldonesia ship deals heavy damage to The Scimitar, pretty much rendering it useless for the long time it has to be repaired. The Scimitar however reveals itself to be undamaged, and within seconds obliterates the Loldonesia ship, killing everyone on board. The Russian and Geth forces move in as Geth ships begin to assist.
  • 11/26/12 The Loldonesian ship was actually a decoy, the real ship's location is unknown. Russian and Geth troops are unphased, and progress forward into Lolkarta, guns blazing. As if the Loldonesians didn't stand a chance already, the Scimitar and the Geth ships move in as backup.
  • 11/26/12 The SoiDF-1 destroyed a ton of area.
  • 11/26/12 The Scimitar Uses its Radiation Cannon and Vaporizes Loldonesia's Capital in one blast, Leveling the large city and leaving no Loldonesian Army Members alive.
  • 11/26/12 Loldonesian Rebels and civilians are evacuated from the country before it's destruction.
  • 11/26/12 The Scimitar Unloads Its entire arsenal of 3000 torpedoes onto Loldonesia, causing heavy damage to all of Loldonesia, Then the USSR orders an Alpha Nuclear Strike, Making the Nation Uninhabbitible for the next 6 months.
  • 11/26/12 The Invasion ends and Loldonesia is now a barren nuclear wasteland.


  • Pieboy6000 could not stop laughing.
  • Lockheed got a new paintjob thanks to the Loldonesian soldier's guts.

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