2012 Russian Invasion of Polold


USSR vs Poland + Ireland


June 29th 2012 - July 1st 2012


USSR Victory: Poland annexed, Irish forces in Poland retreat.


USSR: 1 tank, 3 Mobile launchers, 6 helicopters, 2 planes, 100 infantry, 30 artillery, 76 jeeps, 3 other vehicles Poland: 30,000 infantry, All tanks, All Mobile launchers, 134 Helicopters, 185 planes, 436 jeeps, all other vehicles Ireland: 20,000 infantry, 100 tanks, 300 helicopters, 120 planes, 50 mobile launchers, 70 artillery, 130 other vehicles

Civilian casualties:

2 (Poland)

At 10:39pm (GMT+1) on June 29, 2012, a large number of Russian troops invaded Poland without reason and without error.  Poland was assisted by Ireland during the defense. The attack concluded with an overwhelming Russian victory. Warsaw was captured on June 30, and Poland was annexed unconditionally on July 1.

Reactions by World Leaders

I have no idea what entirely is going on, but because Ireland occupies Poland, Ireland will help Poland. Pieboy, I ask you to stop, and leave the Polish alone. They have not yet fully recovered. - Nate Blake

Pieboy refused to stop the attack, and continued pushing through Poland at a frightening pace.

Irelol responded by assaulting the Russians by surprise with many Kitten Troopers, however to no avail as the Russian blitzkrieg simply blasted away the hostile troops.

Minecraft: Minecraftian President EASlol and Lolustrian Leader Admiral Johnson have ultimately decided to remain neutral in this war, as they have no reason to help Poland.

Mexico: Leader Therobloxmegaguy has decided to stay neutral for this battle because he has nothing to do with it.

Great Britain: AT88TV has decided, like his counterparts in Mexico and Minecraft to remain neutral.

"I have no reason to go into this war, despite the USSR and Ireland both being allies of mine. I don't want to start fights between nations, I want to unite nations. Great Britain's military is returning from Germany at this moment, and they are very tired, as I have spoken with the squad that was in Germany. I will speak with Ireland and the USSR and decide on further action. However, this country will not be embroiled in this war, unless it needs to be, which it does not at this moment."

ER88, overlord of Vietnam, after returning from a hiatus, said this upon his return:

What Ireland has done has fatally cost them several alliances, and an enemy of a certain country i lead. As of now, Ireland needs to fend for themselves right now"

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