Invasion of Lolgolia


March 16th, 2012 - March 19th, 2012


USSR vs. Lolgolia + Froflance


USSR Victory; Lolgolia annexed

On 16 March 2012, Pieboy6000 gave the order to attack the country of Mongolia, a small landlocked country between China and the USSR. Pieboy's only reason was "Expansion is necessary for a country to survive, no matter the colour of their flag". This has caused peoples respect for the USSR to drop quite a bit, considering the attack was unprovoked. Mongolia has requested help from several world leaders, asking to help them fight the USSR.

France declared war on the USSR on March 17, and a small nuclear war occurred between the USSR and Froflance on March 19, which called for an end to the war.

On April 6, 2012, the USSR quickly invaded and took over Mongolia.


The countries fighting.

Reactions by World Leaders

ER88, former overlord of Vietnam, said this when he heard Mongolia's plea for help:

"Mongolia, you need to fend for yourselves," which disgusted several country leaders around the world.

AT88TV, leader of Great Britain was surprised but they couldn't help Mongolia.

EASlol, the former President of Minecraft, was very surprised at this sudden decision by Pieboy.

"This was Very Unexpected and very Imperialistic. I Strongly Disagree with Pieboy's Decision. however, i cant help Lolgolia. But, i sure do hope Pieboy Realises That by doing this, It has lowered the USSR's Reputation."

The French President was "disgusted by the sudden invasion" and was "appalled thet Vietnam and Great Britain refused to help such a small country in the struggle against the USSR". The President demanded the removal of Soviet forces from France.

Thunderbirds360TV, the president of Brazil said: "I'm not sure what he was thinking about this, that's a really strange invasion. But I'm unable to assist Mongolia."

Natesworld2K, President of Ireland, stated that he was confused about the fighting, and would not state anything until further notice.

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