The 2012 VietLOL nuclear Accident was one of the Most Devastating accidents in the History of Earth 2. It took place on 3/11/12

Timeline of the accident

  • 3:55 AM VST: The Fanta Bomb Launching system launches a Fanta Bomb ROFLNuke for testing.
  • 4:34 AM VST: The Fanta Bomb malfunctions and the sensor burns away, leaving it unable to be disarmed.
  • 4:39 AM VST: EmergencyRanger88 realises the danger and warns Pieboy, who prepares a way to lessen the damage of the missile.
  • 4:56 AM VST: The USSR launches a cruise missile to intercept the bomb.
  • 4:59 AM VST: The Fanta Bomb airbursts after a cruise missile controlled by the USSR intercepts it in midair. The casualties are high, but are much lower than they would've been if it had landed.


Emergencyranger88 Said this following the Accident

'"This is one of the worst times to have a nuclear accident. I Mean Come on, several days into the war in the ROFL Island Chain, And this happens. VietLOL will be pulling out of the War in the ROFL Island Chain temporarily to fix Ho Chi LOL city.

Pieboy6000 said this: "I know how it feels to have a nuclear disaster, so I know the scenario VietLOL is in now. I will be send MI-26 HaLOL's loaded with care packages to VietLOL to help out with this catastrophic times, as well as Demolition Repair Droids."

natesworld2K said this: "This is a sad moment for VietLOL. I witnessed, and I was going to do something, but my station was charging from an attack on Sucky Cyborgs in Minecraft."

AT88TV, leader of Great Loltain said "When I heard the news of the accident, I was so stunned that I nearly fell over. This is a very sad moment, and the Vietlolese embassy in Great Loltain, have asked me to add the Vietlolese flag to the memorial. My thoughts are with Emergencyranger and the Vietlolese people at this time. God bless Earth 2."

ThePermian99 stated the following: "This event left me shocked after getting the news, Earth 2 doesn't need another crisis after what happened in LOLroupe, LOLsia and the nuclear disaster in LOLdon. I have sent the AustROFLian army to VietLOL for those who need medical assistance."

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