The Fall of Destari


August 23rd, 2013


Equestrian Empire Victory

  • GDI Forces in Destari fall into full retreat, evacuating from the island.
  • Complete control of Destari is taken by the Equestrian Empire


  • CLPA Powers
    • Equestrian Empire


GDI: Low to Moderate

Equestrian Empire: None - Low

The Fall of Destari was an event that occurred on August 23, 2013.

At 3:42pm (GMT+1), a staggeringly large invasion force of the CLPA controlled Equestrian Empire jumped the Republic of Destari. within 20 minutes GDI forces had fallen into panic as GREY HQ was destroyed. GDI forces established bases all across the island, but none lasted long enough to construct an Ion Cannon Control Centre which may have turned the tide of the battle. As a result, by 7:31pm, the entire island had fallen to the Equestrian Empire, GDI forces in full retreat.

Reactions by World Leaders

Russian leader, Pieboy6000 was especially furious that his previous enemies had reclaimed the land he took from them, preparing for the counter-strike.

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