2013 Roflican invasion of Greenlol


ULR vs. Derpmark + Greenlol


January 30-31, 2013


ULR Victory; Greenlol annexed; Derpmark loses control of Greenlol


ULR: 2 HGS-10 drones

Derpmark: 1 battleship; 75 infantry

Civilian Casualties

5 (Greenlol)

At 11:11 PM Newfoundland Standard Time (GMT-3:30) on January 30, 2013, the United Lols of Roflica initiated an invasion of the Kingdom of Derpmark-controlled territory Greenlol in the north Atlantic ocean. The operation was the second invasion undertaken by the ULR since becoming a military dictatorship (Canaderp the first nation invaded and annexed). After nearly twenty hours of preparations, the attack force launched north from Newfoundland and Labraderp, despite the threat of USSR intervention (although the Russians were unaware of the target when they made the threat). 750 HGS-10 gunship drones led the charge, along with a carrier wing of the ULR navy (one carrier and six battleships). 5,000 ULR soldiers participated in the invasion. The attack appeared to be unprovoked, but very well-planned.

As Greenlol had no standing army, resistance was minimal; a single Derpmark battleship was in Nuuk's main harbor and activated its anti-air batteries at the sight of the oncoming attack, shooting down two gunship drones. However, a ULR stealth submarine that had entered the harbor hours before the attack began quickly torpedoed the vessel, killing 75 Derpish navy personnel and injuring 33. At least five civilians were killed in Nuuk when they attempted to shoot down the drones with their rifles, and were promptly fired upon by the gunship drones. No other casualties were reported across the sparsely-populated island nation as drones and ULR soldiers took control.

Supreme Commander Thunderbirds101 stated that the attack had numerous, very specific objectives:

  1. Secure the ULR's total domination of the Arctic region in the western hemisphere.
  2. Secure Greenlol's resources for ULR use.
  3. Extinguish Lolropean Union influence in North Roflica.

By 1:01 AM local time on January 31, the government of Greenlol fled to Derpmark via a civilian aircraft from Nuuk. A ULR military governor will be put in place once order is restored. The ULR forces then quickly moved to secure Greenlol's resource industry, namely the mining industry for uranium, iron ore, gold, gemstones, and rare earth elements. After securing the territory, the ULR declared Greenlol as the "fifty-second state" of the ULR.

Following the invasion, Thunderbirds101 and Microsoft Sam agreed to bring an end to Operation Roflican Wave permanently, declaring the ULR's territorial expansion operations complete.

Reactions by world leaders

The Lolropean Union almost immediately denounced the invasion, calling it "a direct attack against democracy and the sovereignty of Lolrope," threatening sanctions. The ULR promptly responded by declaring the Lolropean Union as an enemy, becoming the second enemy of the Union (the other being the USSR).

Other nations have yet to respond to the invasion.

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