2013 Roflican invasion of North Koroflia


May 9, 2013 - 12:45 PM to 11:57 PM


  • ULR/South Koroflia
  • North Koroflia


  • ULR/SK - 25 HGS-10 drones, 152 soldiers
  • NK - Entire military decimated, approximately 900,000


  • North Koroflian regime decimated
  • United Koroflian Republic installed
At 12:45 PM Koroflian Standard Time on May 9, 2013, Roflican military forces assisted by the South Koroflian military staged a full-on invasion of North Koroflia. 1000 HGS-10 helicopter gun drones and 25,000 ULR soldiers launched the invasion, supported by 100,000 South Koroflian soldiers. The attack caught North Koroflia off guard and their ranks were decimated quickly. The artillery units were easily destroyed by drone strikes and the nuclear arsenel of North Koroflia seized by Roflican special forces. The leader, Kim Jong-Lulz, was killed by an airstrike in Lolongyang, the kill confirmed by South Koroflian infantry.

Aftermath and reactions by world leaders

Following the defeat of the North Koroflian regime, the ULR military remained in Koroflia to maintain order. The country united at last, becoming the United Koroflian Republic, lead by former South Koroflia.

Thunderbirds101, leader of the ULR, declared the end of the unstable North Koroflian regime a great day for world stability.

AT88TV, leader of GL, praised the ULR for finally putting a stop to this unstable regime.

SUP3RNOVATJJ, leader of Thailol said this from Banglol, "The regime of North Koroflia was too unstable, and while they cited threats, never took any military action. I praised the ULR for stopping them."

EASlol, President of The Empire of Pandaria, said this "Its about time they fell, Kim Jong-Rolf was leading his people into oblivion"

Other world leaders have yet to react to the invasion and reunion of Koroflia

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