The 2014 Minecraftian Invasion of Brazil and Halcyon was a Military invasion of the countries of Halcyon and Brazil by The Republic of Minecraft.

Timeline of Events

  • 12/16/14, 3:30 PM: A Minecraftian Landing Force arrives on Halcyon and takes control of a Coastal port. Reistance from Halcyonic forces immediately spikes up.
  • 12/16/14, 4:45 PM: Minecraftian Naval Vesells Bombard Halcyon from all sides of the island, severely weakning Halcyonic forces on the coast, a Minecraftian Landing force breezes through them quickly and take the capital of the island.
  • 12/16/14, 5:55 PM: A massive Minecraftian invasion force lands in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and begins to swiftly take the city.
  • 12/16/14, 6:30 PM: In Retaliation, Brazil unleashes a Nuclear Strike bound for Lolcraftia, its quickly shot down as Minecraftian forces leave Rio and push northwards, EASlol orders the activation of the Minecraftian Weather Control Device and the major cities of Brazil are left in ruins.
  • 12/16/14 7:45 PM: A Proton Collider Strike is ordered on Brasillia, Devistating the Capital City as Minecraftian forces enter using blitzkrieg warfare.
  • 12/16/14 8:25 PM: Brasillia falls as Minecraftian Forces destroy WMD facilities all over Brazil, Brazil is then fully captured and Annexed by The Republic of Minecraft.

World Leader Reactions

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