2014 Roflican Invasion of Icelol


ULR vs. Icelol


January 31, 2014


ULR Victory; Icelol annexed


  • ULR: None
  • Icelol: None
At 3:58 PM, Roflican Standard Time, on January 31, 2014, USA Supreme Commander Thunderbirds101 abruptly restarted Operation Roflican Wave and gave the order for a US invasion of Iceland. The operation was the first invasion of 2014 by a Earth 2 country against another fellow country. A force of five hundred QUH-10 helicopter gunships assaulted the island and met no resistance. As a result, no shots were fired. The people of Icelol cheered and celebrated as the USA took control, as the island country has had a barely functional government since Operation Downfall.

Thunderbirds101 stated the main objective was to secure the North Atlantic ocean and gain access to Iceland's resources, mainly geothermal energy.

The invasion lasted for about twenty minutes, just enough for the military forces to land and secure beachheads to deliver post-invasion support to Iceland. Iceland is now the fifty-third state of the United States of America.

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