On February 29th 2016 at 12:09am (GMT), for reasons known only to the involved parties (and several others), the United Speakonian Soviet Republic unleashed a large scale nuclear bombardment upon the small nation of Halcyon - believed to be a rather personal attack on the leader of the nation. When questioned on the main motive, the Premier didn't respond, simply stating that he 'had to take care of possible competition,' though whether it was in relation to technological advancements is not know publicly.

Either way, the bombardment ended as quickly as it began. Eight nuclear submarines surfaced on all 8 main directions of Halcyon, and in one combined strike, unleashed 6 high yield 3-MT nuclear missiles across the surface of the nation from their respective directions, making sure no part of the country was spared the nuclear fire. The submarines each played Pachelbel's Canon in D while watching the country light up from low-orbit via satellite connections. As soon as the last nukes hit, each submarine dove into the depths, beginning their long trip home, leaving millions dead and a desolate, radioactive wasteland in their wake.

Premier Redstar remarked afterward that it was 'refreshing' to 'finally get a chance to use my nukes again!' which caused some concern among more paranoid nations.

Minutes after the attack, the Premier's consort made a joke, stating that "Halcyon will have to change their national anthem now, huh? Maybe I should suggest this ?"

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