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AT&T Mike

GarrettComedian's version of AT&T Mike.

AT&T Mike
is a member of the AT&T Natural Voices group, and is also an associate of Linux Anna; but he is also good, as proven in Weegee 25,000 Attacks EmergencyRanger88TV. He also Voiced Little Guy from "Greeny Phatom"

Relationship With Microsoft Mike

It is believed that Microsoft Mike's DNA was used to create the AT&T Mike. So, they are both considered to be identical twins.

Linux Anna

AT&T Mike joined Linux Anna to destroy the Speakonia voices, as well as all the others. They were revealed to be working together in Season 7, Episode 4 in Thunderbirds101's Microsoft Sam Reads Funny Windows Errors. In Season 7 Episode 5, It was revealed that AT&T Mike betrayed Linux Anna and killed her off.

National Threat

Domingo0022 classifes AT&T Mike as a national threat, and should be eliminated on sight. So far, no real damage has been done by AT&T Mike, but him and Linux Anna ae both very dangerous.

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