S9000267-Space station orbiting Earth-SPL

The AT88TV Space Station

The AT88TV Space Station is the main link between the two towers that AT88TV owns on Earth 2 and space. AT88TV makes some vids there but the space station is mainly used as a watch over point as it has a great vantage point of Great LOLtain, the country which AT88TV rules over.

Notable parts

  • The top spire contains AT88TV's private quarters. Only VIP's and invited guests, are allowed to go up here.
  • The EAS Control Room is located on the bottom section of the space station, and this room is used to send Emergency Alerts to Great Loltain.
  • The TTS voices live on the top spire, with Microsoft Sam in the room under AT88TV and Radar Overseer Cooper in the bottom part.
  • The Dark Chao HQ is on the bottom area, where the Dark Chao Army, defend the space station from attack. The Chao Sentry 3000, is also stored on this floor.
  • The Chao Nursery is also located on the bottom section, but remains under DEADLOCK, after what happened on the Thunderbirds101 Space Station.
  • The Defence Quarters are in the bottom section, with all of the weaponry needed to defend the station, including an Orbital Rofl Laser.
  • The Rofldalek Investigators are on the top floor, but only AT88TV and his invited guests have access to this.

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