Abayomi Piscarreta

TTS Voice:

Adult Male #8 (Lowest Pitch), Normally silent





Date and Place of Birth:

August 12th, 1989, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Earth 1

Date and Place of Death:

March 17, 2013, Virussian Border, USSR, Earth 2

You fight hardest when you are about to die.
Lieutenant Colonel Abayomi Piscarreta is an Egyptian-Angolan soldier who was later promoted to Pieboy's fourth right hand man. He was discovered to be incredible in CQC (Close Quarters Combat), and was picked out of many to be one of Pieboy's right hand men. He was born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia while his parents were on holiday there. He knows Arabic, Portuguese and English fluently, and taught Pieboy Arabic. He uses Arabic to communicate to Pieboy privately, when other people are nearby, or both, though he never is heard speaking Portuguese, and has trouble with creating sentences in English, as he knows the language, but finds it hard to string them together like Americans or Brits do. He has a fierce hatred of the CLPA, as they murdered his parents in 2011 when North My invaded South My. He hid with his parents; however, the CLPA began breaking open the cupboard where they were hidden, and his parents forced him to hide in a hatch, allowing his survival.

He is incredibly dedicated to his job, and refuses to take orders from anyone who isn't Pieboy or one of his other right hand men. He wears a desert cap from his days in the Egyptian army in 2008-2009 before Earth 1 was destroyed. He is usually pretty quiet, but will speak when spoken too, and is pleased to kill anyone posing a threat to his friends. He has been described by Tactic Advisor Nikolai as a "Human German Shepherd in personality", as he protects anyone he likes to his fullest ability, and is incredibly dangerous in close combat. He uses a Benelli M4 Super 90 semi-automatic shotgun, as they are produced under the same brand name from Earth 1. He carries two knives with him as well, allowing him to switch to melee combat if necessary.

Abayomi was killed during the USSR-Geth War. His body was found among several others in a key location that fell on March 17, 2013. It is presumed that he perished in the assault with the rest of the dead.

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