IMG 2122

An Abomination Explosive on the ground {unexploded}

An Abomination is a zombie that is capable of exploding once it touches something. It was never really used, or approved by the WGF so it is rare that one is used.

In canon, the Abomination is a Reaper creation, caused by mixing explosives into the synthetics of converted humans. They run towards their target, grab them and explode. Upon death, they explode as well, unless the head is destroyed.


The Abominations come from a world known as the collector base. This world was destroyed by John Shepard and his squad {which included Legion} because it was as evil as The Really Sucky Virus and Windows Vista combined. For this reason, Abomination explosives are extremely rare, and are to be handled by military with extreme caution.

End of the War in Santa LOLica

+ Please wait until Every episode of the War in Santa LOLica is released to YouTube +

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