Stacker with his sniper.

Admiral Stacker was an Admiral of Minecraft and one of the best friends of Admiral Johnson and Admiral Kittz. He had retired from the AAKAW. He joined the Minecraftian army because of Johnson, and EASlol made him an Admiral almost instantly. Stacker, aside from Johnson, is the Rear Admiral of the Minecraftian armies. His job was to advise Johnson on strategies and such. His weapons included assault rifles, but he was known to specialize in snipers that he never used with Nikolai around.

During the Minecraft uprising, Stacker was convicted of treason and was quickly gunned down by The Red Army and LockheedF16 who participated in his execution. Stacker did not like the communist government nor the Soviet Union. His body was burned and his ashes were buried on the North Island Chain of Minecraft.

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