Agent Ferks

Agent Ferks

Agent James Samuel Ferks is an agent for the Axis of Evil. He was hired on February 16, 2014. He was born on December 21, 1980. After almost twenty years of torture and bad memories, he joined the Axis of Evil to forget his tragic past. Ferks is the top agent for the Axis of Evil, and has acieved high marks for marksmanship, dedication, and killing ability. He is armed with the Cyber Beast 38 Special, which fires lazers about an inch wide. So far, he is the richest soldier in the whole Evil Army. There is still uncertainty about his roots and his background. He does, however, have a large kill list, and Microsoft Sam is at the top of it. Sam ran over Ferks with a truck carrying ROFLcopter fuel, and it spilled all over him because Sam forgot to screw the cap tight. This is where Ferks developed an aggressive behavior, and started a career in killing those who stood against him.

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