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Al-Analli (Who looks weirdly like Al-Asad) outside a McDonalds during a ULR Invasion, threatening the ULR citizens.

CAUTION: Spoilers for The War in the ROFL East this way, if you don't want it spoiled, turn back now.

Al-Analli was a terrorist leader who took control of AfgLOListan. He conducted operations from a secret location in Azerbaijan. When Tactic Advisor Nikolai discovered his location after a series of events, combined USSR and USA forces (including Microsoft Sam, Mike, Radar Overseers Bob and Scotty, and Tactic Advisor Nikolai) moved into the area, took down the renegade Spetsnaz troops, found Al-Analli and questioned him. After asking where he got a certain something from, Microsoft Sam turned around and shot him in the head from point blank range with Analli's own Golden Desert Eagle, ending Al-Analli's reign of terror. The Desert Eagle was destroyed by a Orbital ROFL Laser afterwards by accident, leaving the last one in the possession of Pieboy6000.

A quote from Microsoft Sam, in which he describes Al-Analli, "He was a strange man. He murdered many people with a nuclear weapon, and when we questioned him, a smile swept across his face. So I punched him in anger that he even got pleasure out of that. The best part of that war, except for it ending, was putting an end to this bastard".


  • He physically appears identical to Khaled Al-Asad, a secondary antagonist in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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