Amped0808 is a former TTS video maker from Wisconsin. He started his TTS series a sort of a side project to keep him busy during the summer. However, due to a increasing demand of college life and lack of motivation to keep making TTS videos he has retired from making further videos. 





Southeast Wisconsin

Series Created

Microsoft Sam Reads Screwed Up Errors

Series Aired from



Amped0808 originally joined Youtube in August 2008 as a means to kill some boredom while adapting to college life during his freshmen year. He never really intended to make any videos with his account. After a few years Amped started to gain some subscribers even though he hadn't make anything. His current subsciber count is at ten suscibers.

As a TTS Video Maker

Amped stumbled upon the world of TTS videos during his sophmore year during final exams in the winter of 2009. He watched TTS videos made by Akriloth2160 and Thunderbirds101 the desire to make TTS videos grew inside of him. The tipping point came in 2010 after watching KFCStudiosTV's Microsoft Sam Reads Retarded Windows Errors, Amped decided to make a series of his own. Based off his limited skills of Windows Movie Maker and Speakonia, Microsoft Sam Reads Screwed Up Errors was born.

Throughout the summer and into the fall of 2010 the series was coming out at a two to three week clip, but College came calling and his video production slowed to whenever he had time to produce a TTS video. It eventually slowed to once a few months before ceasing after episode nine during early March 2011.

Retirement from TTS Video Making

Amped wanted to continue his TTS series but the increasing demand of college life and lack of motivation to continue his series after very lengthy hiatus led to him putting the series on indefinite hiatus as of early 2012. However he hasn't ruled out a one time return from retirement to finish up his series.

Other Facts about Amped0808

  • Amped0808 is a big sports junkie. Obivously being from Wisconsin he is a big Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers fan.
  • Amped also participates in sports himself as he is a Tennis player on his college team.
  • He also plays Trombone in his College's concert band and Jazz Band.

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