Angry Overprotective Parent Society (AOPS)
The Angry Overprotective Parent Society (as depicted by BlittleMcNilsen)

TTS voices:

Adult Male #1- British English for male parent, Adult Female #1- British English for Female Parent (not intended to be an offense against British people)


Mollycoddling the universe

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:



Unfortunately, they are alive (dead on Pokemonfan1996ful channel


Unknown, assumed to have been born in Hell


Each other, their bratty little kids, anybody who supports their cause (especially the NSA)


All text-to-speech voices, due to them all being notorious for excessive profanity usage, parents that are not overprotective, violent video games, the internet, television, the real world (due to it having so much supposed "naughty" things in it)

The Angry Overprotective Parent Society is an organization of parents who are angry about the amount of "naughty" things that exist on the earth. As a result, they are overprotective of their kids. Their first (and so far only) appearance was in BlittleMcNilsen's video I rise from the diarrhea infested toilet,where they injected Radar Overseer Robert, Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, and Microsoft Mary with the Soccer Mom Virus. The society claims to be on a quest to "censor the world from the little kids". They are currently the most wanted criminals by the forces of Chuck Norris. Their brains consist of nothing but hating kids and sending them to the NSGCSSD Jail.

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