Map of Antarctica

The Basic Map Of Loltarctica

Antarctica is one of the ten continents on the planet, located at the very south of the planet. It is not a nation, however Chile has a large area which was given to them by the UL in 2007, and many other countries have Antartican bases scattered around the continent.

The War in the ROFL Island Chain

During the opening hours of the War in the ROFL Island Chain, Microsoft Sam and his team crash landed on the continent after being attacked by two Soviet Lulz Brigade OMG Jets. They came to Loltarctica with the intention to search for Pwntassium Lolbalt to power their Orbital ROFL Laser.

After crash landing, the team hiked across the icy plains to a Great Loltish outpost, where they waited out a snowstorm before taking OMG Jets back to the United Lols of Roflica. Mike, however, was shot down by CLPA SAM turrets when they passed over the ROFL Island Chain.

Following the Great Final War, all Tux soldiers from the continent were eliminated.

Major Events

Late December 2013 to Early January 2013: A ship with researchers get their boat stuck in ice, impeading their movements.

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