uselNoAGK24 or AntiTrollers2 is a YouTuber who makes Text-to-Speech videos. Since joining of the TTS community he has assisted in many wars such as the War of the LOLibbean and the War in the Minecraft Republic. His error series known as Microsoft Sam reads Cool Errors Pictures. His home was in his space station above Earth 2, known as the NoAGK24 Space Station. The NoAGK24 Space Station was built by NoAGK24 with help of therobloxmegaguy. The video "Microsoft Sam and NoAGK24 killed DrObsiviction" was created in November 29.

NoAGK24 was banished to seclusion after failed political assassination in 2012. Now he has to do nothing with TTS anymore.


  • NoAGK24 was born in 1977.
  • NoAGK24 lives in Trans-Dniester, in Tiraspol.
  • NoAGK24 is a Moldaviano-Russian citizen.
  • Currently lives in Romania


  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Speakonia
  • Windows XP
  • Mozilla Firefox

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