April 2014

Brotherhood of Nod Invasions

Map showing the damages

Nations Affected

Great Loltain

Eon Empire

Total Casualties


Cities/Areas Destroyed

Loldon and suburbs



On April 5, 2014, two invasions by the The Brotherhood Of Nod took place in the nations of Great Loltain and the Eon Empire. Both of the attacks were because of planned evacuations of the nations. The forces of the Global Defense Initiative were mainly in Great Loltain, while the Eonian Armed Forces were the sole GDI beligerents in Eon. The attacks left under 80,000,000 (80 million) people dead in the Loldon Metropolitan area and along the southern coast of Great Loltain, and the attacks in Eon left 2 cities destroyed and over 5,000,000 (5 million) people dead. With nuclear attacks in both nations on the verge of becoming complete or partial Red Zones, concern is growing in both nations as Tiberium continues to spread toward the nations, and the nuclear attacks have started to produce Tiberium in the areas that were affected. A second Nod invasion of the Eon Empire occured on April 7, 2014, when the Nod forces sent a scout fleet to the Malolsian coast. After a detection was made of a large amount of Nod forces coming in from the northwest, The GDI sent soldiers in.



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