Archie "Ark" Harrison

Date of birth:

February 17th, 1993 (22)




United Speakonian Soviet Republic (Retired from Military Service)


York, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom, Earth 1

Ninja's are cool, but they ain't no hunter!
Archie Harrison (Almost always shortened to "Ark") is an American-British biotic hunter in the Russian Armed Forces. When taken on to the battlefield, he excelled in using his biotic abilities, and did even better when under he supervision of Pieboy himself.

Since then, Pieboy has picked Ark up as another right-hand man, having Ark accompany him personally when on missions, usually with another of Pieboy's right hand men. He is also the youngest of his right hand men, being only 19.

Ark tends not to communicate by speaking, usually relying on hand gestures, as well as body language to communicate as a result of stealth training during his time in the biotic training camp. On a few occasions it is noted he did get slightly carried away and ended up growling at one target, actually scaring them away.

Ark is one of the quicker men of Pieboy's armed forces, a lot faster than the other biotic hunters, and generally a bit stronger with his biotics. He is regarded as a "very nice and generally calm person, but in combat loves nothing more than breaking his enemies faces open with his powers." He is also known for stealing people's food when hungry, literally swiping it from them in seconds. He is also the least formal of Pieboy's soldiers, usually turning up to meetings and such with his usual clothing rather than in a suit like others. He also maintains the closest relation with Pieboy, both being Brits from the same county, giving them quite a bit in common.

He retired from service under the Russian Army after the biotics division was nullified by Yuri's Psychic Dominators. He lives under special Russian protection in the USSR, and is regarded as a VIP at all public and private events by the Premier.

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