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23,584,506 (As of September 2, 2014)

Free or occupied?


Independence from Great Britain

1st January 1901

Prime Minister:



Canada, South Africa, Yemen, Laos, France, Vietnam, United States of America, Mexico, India, Great Britain, New Zealand, China


Soviet Lulz Brigade, Communist Linux Penguin Army, Knox, The United Antagonists League



Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere of Earth 2, and is also the home of ThePermian99. Its capital city is Canberra and the largest city is Sydney in the Australian Capital Territory in the south.

The country is usually calm, but Nazi Alien Housekeeper attacks are common as of mid-November and a war is currently possible in the Caribbean.

Australian Leaders

  • Prime Minister: ThePermian99
  • ThePermian99's right hand man: Jackson Deege
  • Mayor Of Melbourne: Radar Overseer Walter

Recent Natural Disasters in Australia

  1. Cyclone Yasi (One of the largest cyclones to be recorded in Australia): Febuary 2 2011

    Cyclone Yasi from ThePermian99 Space Staition

    (1 Death)
  2. Queensland Flash Flooding: December 10 2010
  3. Melbourne Flash Flooding: March 6 2010
  4. Karumba's Major Flooding: February 2009

    Weather Radar of Major Flash Flooding of Karumba in January/February 2009.

  5. Cyclone Tracy: December 24-25 1974 (One of the Worst Cyclones to hit Australia)
    Cyclone Tracy

    Cyclone Tracy making landfall on Christmas Day 1974

    (71 Deaths)

Major Cities in Australia

  • Melbourne
  • Sydney (home of the Sydney Opera House)
  • Adelaide
    Yarra River, Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne, the home of ThePermian99

  • Perth
  • Darwin
  • Canberra
  • Brisbane (home of TheBrisbaneKid)
  • Hobart (Tasmania)

States and Territories in Australia

Melbourne Z-Class Tram

Melbourne Z1 class tram number 95 in 2006

  • Northern Territiory
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Australian Antarctican Territory*
  • - As same for as territorial claimed areas

ROFL Island Chain War Pacific Tsunami

Following the massive explosions in the Paccific ocean, a large tsunami hit the east of Australia, destroying much of the east coast and flooding the Gold Coast. Melbourne and ThePermian Tower only suffered minor flooding being further from the east coast.

The War in New Zealand

Old Springvale station

One of Melbourne's Many Railway Stations, Springvale. NOTE: Station Pulled down to remove level crossing in the background, it was the most dangerous crossing! The uploaded isn't happy. :C

In the early days of the war, Western Australia was occupied by the United Antagonists League. The resistance of the Eastern States had a tough time taking it back from the UAL. The death toll is placed at 1,500 citizens. ThePermian99 attempted to liberate western Australia but the Nazi Alien Housekeeper ships above threatened to reduce the entire state to ashes.

After Cybriann's death the western states were freed.

Australia Today

Springvale Road Level Crossing

A closer look Of the level Crossing

Presently, most of Australia is either a Red or Yellow Zone, with a Nod-controlled blue zone in the south west and a GDI-Controlled blue zone in the south east. Multiple GDI-Nod conflicts occur across the Yellow Zones. The Scrin Threshold Tower Threshold-08 used to stand in the Red Zone but has since been destroyed by GDI. The yellow zone is mostly vacated of life thanks to GDI and Nod's near constant conflict, confining life on the continent into the very small blue zones.