Awesome swellman
Awesome Swellman wa
s a spinoff/replacement of Awesome Andy. Like Awesome Andy and his family, Awesome Swellman and his family also tried to get customer satisfaction at different places they go to. Awesome Swellman was created by former YouTuber IceManNJD2 and aired mostly every Saturday. The show premiered on September 5, 2015 with his first video entitled "Awesome Swellman goes to IKEA". The series ended in March 2017.

Awesome Swellman is voiced by Adult Male #2.

Awesome Swellman's Family

Awesome Swellman, the leader of the family

Ginnie Swellman, Awesome Swellman's sister, voiced by Radar Overseer Emily (Adult Female #1)

Alejandro, Awesome Swellman's cousin from Mexico, voiced by Adult Male Spanish

Chrissy, Awesome Swellman's friend who likes to eat Big Macs and watch Mr. Cool Dude videos, voiced by Adult Female British

Pepe, the family dalmatian who works part time at the Swell City Fire Department, voiced by Adult Male #5


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