This is a complete list of people who appeared in Balakrishna Movies Intro Bloopers.


Image Profile
Davemadson version of Microsoft Sam
Microsoft Sam

Microsoft Sam is the short-tempered brother of Mike. Never admitting that he's in the wrong, Sam is quick to throw tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Jessica Lane has a strong hatred of him, due to because of his "control freak" tendencies (throwing personnel out of the studio, firing Beulah, and preventing relationships.) He has short black hair, black eyes, white skin, jeans, and a yellow shirt. He often argues with Jessica Lane and Mr. Balakrishna about who is in charge of the studio.

Davemadson Design of Mike
Microsoft Mike

Microsoft Mike is Mary's boyfriend and Sam's brother. Sam tends to call him an asswipe, to which Mike responds that Sam is a "son of a bitch." He has a green shirt, jeans, shoulder-length black hair, black eyes, white skin, and a moustache.

Microsoft mary davemadson
Microsoft Mary

Microsoft Mary is Mike's girlfriend and Sam's sister. She is depicted with long light-brown hair, blue eyes, and light skin, with a pink shirt and jeans. A running gag with her involves the Merrie Melodies intro and tune (She often responds to it with "They're playing my song again.") Mary has a weak stomach, quick to barf whenever something she considers "gross" occurs. Sam tends to call her a bitch, yet also tends to make sexual jokes and advances towards her.

Anna (Later)
Microsoft Anna

Microsoft Anna is the one typically in charge of calming people down. To date, she has thrown only three tantrums of note: Once in Episode 3 (When Beulah tells her to watch her language), in Episode 4 (When she thinks the assistant surgeon called her a harlot) and in Episode 6 ( When LH Martha calls her a harlot.) She is depicted with dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and tan skin, wearing a red shirt and a turquoise skirt.

IceCreamFanatic2001 in Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers
Jessica Lane

Jessica Lane is the creator of Balakrishna Movies Intro Bloopers. She first appeared in Episode 1. She is a GoAnimate photo and her appearance is an Erika Dawson avatar but with brown hair and without glasses. She often argues with Sam over who is in charge of the studio, often citing that "it's her video." She is American, yet she has a British accent in the series.

Beulah (Later)

Abby's best friend and Scotty's wife, Beulah is the pudgy friend of the cast. She is a brunette, wearing a grey blouse and green skirt. She is also the Balakrishna Girl, meaning that she manages the Balakrishna Movies logo. She strongly dislikes Marianna and constantly fight whenever they see each other.

Side Characters

Photo Profile

Abby is Dave's girlfriend, and one of the five females on the cast. Despite being usually calm about goings-on in the studio, she has been known to lose her temper. She wears a grey blouse, a green skirt, and has blonde hair. She is also Beulah's best friend.


Jimmy is Hank's best friend and Jessica Lane's future GoBoyfriend (and character model base). He, alongside Hank, tends to be the backup Balakrishna person when Beulah gets fired. He wears a grey T-shirt with brown pants.


Hank is Jimmy's best friend, and often serves as the "backup Balakrishna person" when Beulah gets fired. He is slightly tan, wearing a white T-shirt with jeans and has a moustache. His character model is a slight edit of Jimmy's model.

LH Micheal (Later)
L&H Michael

L&H Michael is one of two British voices on the cast. He wears a beret, with a yellowish-white T-shirt. He's a fan of classical music and literature, and had his first tantrum in Episode 7 (when Sam calls him a "wild turkey"). Though him and Michelle are twins, they get confused for husband and wife.

LH Michelle (Later)
L&H Michelle

Michelle is the other British voice on the cast. Her first tantrum was in Episode 9 (When Sam calls her a "lesbian harlot.") She, like her twin, likes classical music and literature. She wears a cream-colored tank top, and is also confused for Michael's wife (somehow.)


Joey is the Jewish brother of Sophie and is Scotty's cousin. He has black hair, fair skin and a pink top (ff3366). He was introduced alongside Sophie, Alice, Delilah and Claire in Episode 3. His voice is Microsoft Mike's lady voice.


Sophie is the Jewish sister to Joey and is Abby's cousin. She has blonde hair, tanned skin and a pink top. She was introduced in Episode 3 alongside Joey, Alice, Claire and Delilah. Her voice is Microsoft Mary higher pitched.


Claire is Delilah's best friend and Microsoft Anna's cousin. She was first introduced alongside Sophie, Joey, Alice and Delilah in Episode 3. Her appearance consists of a cyan blouse, tan skin, red lips, black hair, orange skirt and brown eyes. Her voice is Microsoft Anna. She was also a babysitter who babysat kids, too.


Delilah is Claire's best friend and Microsoft Anna's cousin. She was first introduced in Episode 3 alongside Sophie, Joey, Alice and Claire. She wears a mint top with yellow lips ( due to that, people may mistake her for having yellow teeth but that is her lipstick ), black hair, dark skin, brown eyes and a purple skirt.

Alice ( Later )

Alice is Delilah's sister and Claire's cousin. She was first seen in Episode 3 alongside Joey, Sophie, Delilah and Claire with Abby's 49-65 model base and in Bang! Bang! Films Intro Bloopers 1-The War Between Tame and Control Freak with Abby's current appearance model base.


Picture Profile
LH Martin and LH Martha

LH Martin and LH Martha are the main antagonists in the series. They always lose to God and the Angel. They relieve themselves, often all over Jessica Lane and her friends ( but Sam who isn't her friend )

Characters in order of debut

Episode 1-Microsoft Sam, Beulah, Abby, Marianna and Jessica Lane

Episode 2-Tilly, Jimmy and Scotty

Episode 3-Joey, Sophie, Alice, Delilah, Isolde, Halley, Lisa and Claire

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