Baloney Sandwich

A generic baloney sandwich

Baloney Sandwiches are food items and extremely powerful charges that have the potential destructive energy capable of destroying an entire soccer stadium. It has been Sam's number one inanimate adversary since the Epic War.


Radar Overseer Scotty is suspected of creating the Baloney Sandwiches. After the war against Jokermingo, Scotty continued to make the explosives for protection (in case the forces of Zombiemingo came knocking). Sam's first endeavor with the Baloney Sandwiches ocurred when Scotty dropped one of them off the Sears Tower

Other than its creator, nothing in particular is known about the origin of the baloney sandwiches.


Scotty has been known to accidentally "drop" a Baloney Sandwich from time to time. The following lists the times Scotty has used, or dropped a Baloney Sandwich.

  • Most famously used during the beginning of The Epic War, dropped on a self-destruct button, detonating huge numbers of nuclear warheads, ravaging Earth.
  • Against Jokermingo in the first years of The Galactic War.
  • Accidentally dropped off the Sears Tower.
  • Accidentally dropped on the Thunderbirds101 TV Space Station's Self-Destruct Button.
  • The Pieboy Tower and the EmergencyRanger Tower were hit with baloney sandwiches by Scotty when he went absolutely mental one day, authorities shot him in the bollocks.
  • Scotty used Baloney Sandwiches as explosives in the Boston Marathon bombing and West Texas fertilizer explosion.

It is curious to note that the most times the Sandwiches were used was when Scotty wasn't intent on using them.

Side effects

Here are the side effects from eating baloney sandwiches:

  • Head exploding
  • Dependence using Mac OS X and Linux
  • Bust size growing (only female characters)
  • Karma growing
  • Obsession with Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple).
  • Great obsession with watching the washing machines getting on with a lawn mower.
  • Obsession with Windows Jibberish.
  • Dependence using Windows Anonymous.
  • Intense Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • G-major diarrhea
  • Operating System crashes
  • Urge to sing Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
  • Obsession with Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black
  • Urge to get it on with a chainsaw/buzzsaw


  • Baloney is a common mispelling on bologna.
  • Some of the Baloney Sandwiches that Scotty eats are made from TheBaloneyboy.
  • TVI101 has banned baloney sandwiches aboard the TVI101 Module of the TB101 Space Station.