BangLOLdesh Flag
Flag of Bangladesh

Current Leader

SUP3RNOVATJJ (Due to Eon Empire)


USA, Vietlol, Great Loltain


The Soviet Lulz Brigade, Cambodia

Free or occupied?


Official Languages:




Bangladesh is a nation on Earth 2 that is located in Southern Asia. It is bordered on all sides except the south by India.

Involvement in The War in Southeast Asia

After the attack on Hanoi in their ally, Vietnam, Bangladesh declared war on Cambodia. They assisted Vietnam and Laos in the invasion of the major cities in Cambodia.

Involvement in the War In the Vietnamese Islands

In an offscreen event on Episode 2, Bangladesh was attacked when some terrorists detonated ROFL-6 nerve gas rigged bombs, killing 900 civilians. Bangladesh then declared war on the SVLB-SLB terrorist cell.

History as part of Bafra

The nation of Bangladesh became part of Bafran territory after the former leader, who shall not be named, faced a tragic end of power. Bangladesh became the Pantai Barat Province.


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