Barren G Rofl

Barren G. Rofl in 2011

Barren G. ROFL is an aircraft manufacturer who resides in a small box in the Southern Baloneyville Airport.

His cousin is James ROFL, who was a RIA executive that died during the events leading to the Great Final War

Early Life

Barren and James were both born in the same hospital, on the same day and year (December 26th 1969), but were raised by different parents. So they were somewhat twins. (except that Barren did not have signs of heterochromia iridum)

Barren became interested in jets ever since he was three years old. James even stated in an interview with David LOLterman in 1995:

"He always talked about jets when we were kids. I remember sitting next to him every christmas dinner just nodding at whatever he had to say as if I was paying attention to him. But eventually he became the man who he is today. He still wants me to buy one of his jets."

He joined the ROTC at his high school, but did not approve of it, and instead sought out a tech engineering class. He made his first air vehicle at age 21. He has since been making more, and took ownership of a plane manufacturing business in 1999.

Industry Boom and Legacy

By the time Barren sold his eighth shuttle jet, Rofl made over sixteen million dollars in funds, and continued to make and sell aircraft. Since he refused to pay his mortgage on his real home, Rofl took residence in a cardboard box near the upper level of the Manufacturing company in Southern Baloneyville. Even after taking ownership of the entire airport, Rofl still refuses to give up his living box. Barren eventually gave a stealth bomber to his cousin James Rofl, proving much assistance in the attacks by The Communist Linux Penguin Army. Barren was awarded a golden placque for his assistance.

Reaction to Cousin's Death

Upon Hearing of the death of his twin cousin, James ROFL, Barren went on hiatus for three weeks, and then made a shuttle jet named after him in his memorial. The USS James ROFL currently sits in the back corner of his manufacturing company, to remain untouched.

Notable Designs and Planes

The USS Radar Overseer (design architecht, posted on Craigslist and credited to The ROFL Robot)

The USS Medrano (design architecht and builder)

The USS Queen Elizabeth (design architecht and builder)

The USS ROFLican Patriot (1 of 78 builders)

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