The Battle Above Earth 2 began after Reapers attacked several space stations that were orbiting Earth 2. The attack was organized by The Supreme AI but was ordered by Linux Anna. The battle lasted for two hours until IROFLan President Bussing initiated Protocol 1337, an emergency tactic just in case an attack would occur in Earth 2's orbit.

The protocol was the detonation of a ScaLOL weapon Mark VI, which resulted in the destruction of the Reapers and the end of the battle. The United LOLtions later questioned President Bussing's actions as they ultimately resulted in many Reapers crash-landing in cities on Earth 2. The United LOLtions stated that "President Bussing's actions were not justified and nearly killed innocent civilians." President Bussing later refuted this claims, saying that "desperate times call for desperate measures" and that "my actions stopped the battle and subsequently saved Earth 2 from another Reaper invasion."

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