The Battle of LOL York was a major military conflict fought primarily between the Allied Forces and the CLPA. The battle is considered to be one of the most crucial points in the history of World War III and the most destructive, with over 600,000 dead on both sides.

The battle was intense, and lasted for 16 hours. Major participants in the battle included EASlol, SMGReturns, Pieboy6000, Natesworld2K, and EmergencyRanger88. The battle ended when the CLPA revealed their trump card: their very own ScaLOL weapon, which devastated the Allied Forces and did catastrophic damage to the city. The detonation of this weapon also led to the death of Volishinov, Pieboy6000's trusty medic, when he was caught in a building which collapsed.

The remnants of the Allied Forces fled the city just before Thunderbirds101 called in a LOLling Thunder, which destroyed the ScaLOL weapon. T-101 Field Analysts reported that the remaining CLPA soldiers were amassing in LOLs Square for unknown reasons the next day. Since then, LOL York City has been the ground of very brief skirmishes between T-101 Arc Troopers and the CLPA in an attempt to retake the city, which has all been reduced to rubble now.

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