The Belarussian flag

Party in Power:

Belarussian Communist Party


4,425,758 (July 15th, 2012)


United Speakonian Soviet Republic, Ukraine






Russian and Belorussian (Official), Ukrainian, Polish and Eastern Yiddish (Minority Languages)

Belarus is a small country in Eastern Europe. It is well known as the first country to be invaded during the USSR's invasion of Europe in early 2012. The invasion was called off, however, when the European Union was closed down for a few months. Since then, Belarus elected a communist party to power, strengthening the relationship with the USSR, leading to an alliance.

The country is not powerful like its neighbours Ukraine and the USSR; however, its alliance with the USSR and Ukraine enables the latter two countries to walk into Belarus and help defend it should the possibility arise. Belarus is a democratic country, but only has an election every four years, starting after its dictatorship was overthrown in early 2012.

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