Biotic Hunters are specialised units of the Russian Armed Forces. Their name comes from the fact they use biotic powers, and the fact that they utilise these powers similar to how the hunter jumps around in Left 4 Dead.

The hunters weapons are basically their hands, that they usually charge with biotic energy. They usually use it to "pounce" onto their target, then to beat them to death in seconds with their powers. After doing this, they usually find their way to another target. They rely on their speed and agility to get themselves around. They cannot wear body armour for this reason, as it would weigh them down and make them generally useless.

They usually wear dark clothing to remain hidden, and usually wear hoodies as a reference to their names origin. They can also shoot ranged biotic powers, however this takes a fairly long time to do in midair.

Arguably, they are one of the most dangerous forces on the planet, because seeing them is one thing, and hitting them is another.

The Psychic blasts from the Psychic Dominators during the First Tiberium War managed to eliminate the biotic abilities of many, including that of the Premier, Pieboy6000. This meant that the biotic hunters no longer had combat effectiveness. The division was retired and the soldiers either relocated either back home or to another branch of the military, depending on their choice.

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