The Blake Space Station. It may look like a Seperatist Lucrehulk, but is not related to it in any way.

The Blake Space Station was a space station that used to be in orbit above Earth 2. The top part of the center of the station could seperate from the station and serve as Nate Blake's flagship, Crusader. Both the station and the Crusader were destroyed by the USSR and the Geth during the Great European Invasion, killing everyone on board.


After The Supreme AI hacked into the station, it blew up and smashed into the Australian city of Melbourne. The station was rebuilt but it was subsequently destroyed by Russian and Geth forces after the fall of Belgium in the Great European Invasion.


1/12/12 - A crazed gunman begins shooting random targets. He is arrested after fifteen minutes. 15 people dead, 37 hospitalized.

2/29/12 - Space Station is hacked into, blown up, and smashed into the city of Melbourne. 3,428 fatalities, 7,452 injuries.

5/19/13 - Kittz begins clogging at least 40% of the toilets in the station while very drunk. Then a few of them exploded. Two injuries.

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