Block Bot is a type of robot seen in Hi-Tech Vancouver. Built by a joint venture between Honda and Sony, also known as the HS alliance, they perform a number of functions, such as acting as a welcoming committee to visitors and taking pictures for passports. They can also join themselves together to form bridges, and act as Hi-Tech Vancouver's defense system.

Sentry Block Bot


Block Bots perform a number of functions, such as:

  • Welcoming newcomers in Canada
    • Taking pictures for newcomers
    • Handing out Canada passport cards for newcomers
  • Acting as Hi-Tech Vancouver's defense system
    • Joining together to form bridges
    • Wandering around certain areas and requesting passports from passers-by, approaching them on sight
    • Joining together to form a screen with a flee-plan
    • Lending help to other devices (such as a hamburger machine) when threatened
    • Acting as guides to guide people to safe places in case of emergency

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