Borg Collective
Logo Of The Borg Collective


The Borg Queen


Over 5 Billion across the Rofl-way Galaxy

Total Ships

2 Million


Planet Menos

The Borg Collective is a race of cybernetic humanoids bent on assimilating all life in the Rofl-Way Galaxy. Their leader is the Borg Queen.


The Borg have geometrical shaped ships such as Cubes,Spheres ETC. They're weapons nearly equal Geth, and they are able to take over entire ships and have very advanced technology, for example, when a borg ship is damaged, the hull of the ship regenerates, making them unstoppable to mostly any ship execpt geth. The Borg also operate as a single mind and at the center of this mind is The Borg Queen, who commands all aspsects of the borg, the borg homeworld is approximatly five hundred light years from Earth 2. The Borg are a very dangerous enemy and will also be considered a threat to Earth 2.



Borg tactical cube

A Borg Cube with heavy armor

The Cube is the largest and most powerful of all borg ships containing the most weapons,shield generators etc. The Cube's size is large, ranging from over ten miles wide and twenty miles in height. The cube is often used by the borg in invasion of planets or simply attacking a fleet of ships to assimilate them, The Cube is a huge threat to most ships but not geth.



A Sphere With Heavy Armor

Spheres are the second most powerful ship in the borg arsenal, They have nearly the amount of weapons as a cube. but the sphere is able to move much quicker then the cube, The Borg Sphere looks almost identical to The Diarrhea Death Star, but its design and size is different. Borg spheres are typically five miles wide and fifteen miles in height. Spheres however, are just as dangerous as cubes.


Borg Pyramid Come What May STNV

A Borg Pyramid

Pyramids are the smallest of Borg Ships and have very weak weapons, These ships are normally used as scouts, but they are the fastest borg ship, making them difficult to destroy. Pyramids are normally two miles wide and three miles in height.


Borg diamond-legacy

A Borg Diamond

Borg Diamonds are typically used as command ships for a fleet. they have strong weapons on board. Diamonds are seven miles wide and ten miles in height.


Probes are also scout vessels, as the pyramid, but the Probes are slightly larger then Pyramids and have typical borg weapons. They are about one mile long and two miles in height.

Weapons Of The Borg

  • Heavy Cutting Beam (Allows The Borg Ship to cut into the hulls of ships, causing damage)
  • Tractor Beam (Allows The Borg Ship To Beam over Boarding Parties to a ship, or beam someone over to them, This also drains shields on most ships)
  • Gravaton Torpedo (Drains Shields)

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