bradevo74 (sometimes referred to as brad or Brevo) is a text-to-speech video creator

bradevo74's Youtube Picture

. He first joined Youtube on the 16 August 2009. As of December 2011 he hit the 100 subscriber mark. He currently has over 150 videos

Series Created:

  • Microsoft Sam Reads Stupid And Weird Signs
  • Microsoft Sam And The Universal War
  • The Microsoft Sam Show
  • Microsoft Sam Signs Quickie
  • Microsoft Sam Reads Weird Windows Errors

Joining Youtube

When first joining Youtube bradevo74 was originally going to be uploading music he had created on a website called Jam but he threw away that idea after his first 2 videos. But then after watching thunderbirds101 and many other text-to-speech video creators, it inspired him to make his first TTS video. Microsoft Sam And Mike at War.

Youtube Work

bradevo74 has over 150 videos. He only gets about 100 to 150 views per video, however some of his videos have hit the 1,000 views mark. His most popular series is Microsoft Sam Reads Weird Windows Errors in which some episodes have collected 200+ views.

Other YouTube names featured in his works include

  • bramley66
  • Jack1998blue
  • Muzell12

Possible Cancellation Of Error Episodes

It was announced in Microsoft Sam Reads Weird Windows Errors S9 E1 that it was possible that he would be ending all Microsoft Sam videos because he would be filming video games. It was then announced in S9 E2 that they would be ending, after that he immadietly made the account BExCobraX. But then in S9 E3 it was announced in the description that they would not be ending.



Rage at people he new in real life who were arguing on his video just because they new it diddn't get many views

"Dazzle DVC Dammit"

Said on his first ever vlog when he could get the camera on his dazzle dvc 100 capture card


  • His operating system is Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 Preinstalled
  • He has never been bothred by any trolls
  • He owns a PC and an iPad 2
  • He is unreliable with things to do with YouTube. He says he is going to do it when he doesn't
  • He is currently learning Flash animation
  • His birthday is on the 2nd June

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