The Brazilian Flag

Current President

President Pedro III


16,877,006 as of November 17th,2012

Free or occupied?

Free, under Russian Protection

Independence from Portuguese Empire

7th September 1822


Portugal, Great Britain, France, Netherlands


IE Strider, Switzerland

Official Languages:


Nuclear weapons held:


Country is:




Brazil is the largest country in South America. The country is a member of the Union of South American Nations. It is the home to millions of people, and its capital city is Brasília. Thunderbirds360TV was the president/dictator until the end of 2012.

The country is well known for the large number of favelas in the country. There are approximately six-hundred and twelve in Sao Paulo and five-hundred and thirteen in Rio de Janeiro. These favelas are often guarded by armed gunmen who usually end up in fights with the police and other criminals from their drug trades. Brazil also has an Amazonian region, where the Amazon river goes through, as well as several other places in South America.

Brazil was the fifth in terms of nuclear firepower on Earth 2 with 6,458 nuclear weapons. Brazil used to go into wars when Thunderbirds360TV needs to, and utilized nuclear firepower to protect the country and its people.

Due to Operation Downfall killing 95% of the people in Earth 2, only 1,337 people (Not including Brazil's army) from Brazil survived this disaster. The country has recovered very well from this disaster, however.

Thunderbirds360TV left the leadership of Brazil on November 17, 2012, taking all of the nukes with him into his big fast spaceship he built around October. This leaves Brazil free to annex, as he says, because it seems like he was building a new dictatorship since July.

The country was taken over by Dilma Rousseff a few hours after.

Two major global sporting events were held in Brazil, one was the 2014 FIFA World Cup from June 12 to July 14, the another one was the 2016 Summer Olympics are possibly going to be held in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro at a currently unknown stadium from August 5-21.

2016 Switzerland Occupation

On March 5, 2016, Switzerland occupied the nation after the leader for the nation fell. Once the nation was occupied, nkrs200 added Brazil to the Unified Territories of Switzerland.

A surprise Russian coup d'etat in May 2016 liberated the country from Swiss control, placing the nation back under the control of the Brazilians, and getting Russian protection.


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