Buzzsaw 9,000
653100000019 250
Buzzsaw 9,000

TTS Voice:

Robosoft Two


Slicing everything to shreds




BlittleMcNilsen Labs

Preceded by:


Succeeded by:


Buzzsaw 9,000 is a weapon of mass-destruction created by BlittleMcNilsen that was originally intended for good purposes but somehow became sentient during construction and broke out of the BlittleMcNilsen Labs and went on a murderous rampage around the BlittleMcNilsen TV Headquarters. It was killed by Microsoft Sam and sent back to the BlittleMcNilsen Labs so they could figure out how it became conscious. The ones whom the Buzzsaw 9,000 killed were revived by the forces of Chuck Norris.

It was later revealed that the ghost of the Devil's Hell Star had stolen the Life Ray, a ray gun that can bring any inanimate object to life, from the BlittleMcNilsen Labs and fired it at Buzzsaw 9,000. The Devil's Hell Star's ghost ended up firing the Life Ray at his own dead corpse, causing his ghost to be sucked into it and resurrecting him. He then fired it at all of his other deceased allies, including Buzzsaw 9,000, bringing them all back to life. Buzzsaw 9,000 then mated with the debris of the fifth Diarrhea Death Star, creating a fertilized egg that grew to the size of Jupiter in one nanosecond, then exploded, and out of the explosion rose the sixth Diarrhea Death Star. Buzzsaw 9,000, Devil's Hell Star and all of their allies then took refuge inside of it.

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