CLAD Ships In Action

CLAD Ships were constructed in Minecraft and are one of the most powerful spaceships available to nations. About fifty were constructed in Minecraft. Out of the fifty constructed, ten were given to the United States of America, five were given to Vietnam, ten were given to the USSR, five were given to Australia, five were given to The Republic of My, and fifteen were given to Great Britain.

Though these ships were still in use by Minecraft, the captains rebelled when the nation went into a civil war in early 2016. They assisted in ending the reign of EASlol, and pledged themselves to the new leader, Sasha Ketchum.


  • MAC Guns
  • ROFL Lasers
  • Mortar Cannons
  • Helium Bombs
  • One ROFLNuke
  • Napalm Missiles
  • Anthrax Missile Launchers
  • Shoop Da Whoop Cannons

CLAD Ship Types

  • Star Destroyer
  • Command Ship
  • Bomber
  • Imperial

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