Mentally unstable. Likes water. Probably sleeping with 001-ALK-F.

- Oak regarding Cassius, OI DataLog Vol.8 (800-899)
Cassius Knight
Cassius, aka "Cassy"

Place & Date of Birth:

May 15 1994, Ever Grande City, Hoenn








Too stupid to have them.


Ramona Knight (Sister), Alec Knight (Father, Deceased), Melanie Knight (Mother, Deceased)


Celedon City, Kanto

 Cassius Knight was born on May 15th 1994, as a human. When he was 15, he was taken by Oak and taken to Oak Industries, where he met his friends, notably Sasha (Now known as Aliuna Kelix). Over a period of three years, he was given injections of an unknown nature that led to him becoming a part-raven, part-human hybrid, similar in form to Premier Redstar of the USSR. By the time he had escaped the facility, most of his friends were dead, including his then-crush, known only as Tommy. The only survivors were him and Sasha. However, Sasha had left earlier, leaving Cas there for the final year. At the end of said year, he was captured by Nod and taken into a strange device by Lola Redding, the top assistant to Kane. During the First Tiberium War, Lola delivered the device to Redstar and his group (including Sasha, who had been together with a now-ex husband in her time away from Cassius). Redstar assumed the device was a bomb, throwing it back from the group. The device then opened, releasing Cassius from his prison.

Redstar was not appreciative of the new arrival however, assuming him to be an agent of Nod, or some kind of tiberium mutant. After nearly shipping him off to the Forgotten, Cassius was taken in by the GDI, though RedStar wasn't very happy with this. Despite the general dismissive attitude first shown to him, Cassius slowly developed a liking of the Premier. Overtime, the two warmed up to each other, with the ultimate show of care being RedStar taking a shot in the shoulder for him during the Second Tiberium War, the hole remaining visible on his armoured vest after. Rumours spread of the two being closer, though the Premier refuses to comment publicly on this. Cassius was trained in combat by RedStar, and the two are usually not far from each other during missions together. RedStar states that while he has potential to be a good soldier, he would not for the life of him trust the leadership of the USSR to Cassius, claiming that even Nikolai on eight bottles of vodka would likely be a more capable leader. When the GDI collapsed, he resided in the Kremlin as an assistant to Dmitri, the Acting Premier, until RedStar returned. He now resides in the Kremlin as an assistant and as the consort of RedStar.

As of sometime in July, it appears that Cassius is leaning more towards Aliuna, though Aliuna has confirmed that they are merely friends.

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