Current channel icon, drawn by himself

Cataxx (real name Cole Langmack; originally kelly langmack) is a video creator who started YouTube in 2008 on a different channel. However the channel stopped getting updated with videos in 2011, because he forgot the password. A new channel, named kelly langmack (now Cataxx), took its place on April 24, 2012. This channel (as of January 4, 2018) has 1,000 subscribers, and (believe it or not) 583,325 video views. It contains Microsoft Sam videos, memes, mashups and even a few YTPs here and there. He has also has been producing music since 2013, which he primarily uploads to the music hosting site Bandcamp. In late-December 2016, he announced that he would be making his last FWE video, but he'll still be making episodes of his TTS sketch comedy show, LOL, Error.


  • Not all videos on his channel are TTS videos. It also includes gameplays, random videos, memes, mashups, etc.
  • He is considered a minor TTS video creator, even though his MS Sam series went up until Season 5.
  • Until 2015, he used a My Little Pony OC, whose cutie mark is the head of a Creeper, a mob from the sandbox game Minecraft. It was previously a full body creeper, then a charged creeper.
  • He used to post quite a bit to his YouTube channel, now he only posts at random times.
  • His current channel icon features a cat sona created by jellyjellyart on Tumblr and was concieved during a Drawpile session. Cataxx's sona is a gray cat with a blue hoodie. The sona as featured in one of his older icons was drawn by FriskyFrisky. His current icon was drawn by himself.

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