Central Logo Bloopers

Created By

Metis Television

Original Run

August 14, 2012 - February 7, 2016 February 24, 2017 - April 8, 2017

TTS Voices Used

Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Anna, LH Michael, LH Michelle, Speakonia Voices, and RoboSoft voices



Original Channel






Central Logo Bloopers is a series created by Metis Television, which is a spinoff of Looney Tunes Intro Bloopers created by davemadson.

It stars Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, Microsoft Anna, The Speakonia Voices and the L&H Voices. This show is known for having some episodes with no tantrums, no barfs or even no curse words. This series features antics that involve changing the colors of the Central "Cake", or logos from other companies. They only got the Central ID right in episodes 9, 18 and 27.

In the first season, they are not seen. Since season 2, they are shown on screen, using davemadson's avatars of the characters.

In February 2016, Ian officially shut down rmenga4 Enterprises thus officially ending the production of the show along with Endemol. The reason the company was shut down was due to personal issues that shall not be explained here. Since then Ian has opened up a new channel.

But on February 24, 2017, Central Logo Bloopers returned with a new set of bloopers, and a new set.

Episodes (Original run)


Tittle Card. (By TrickyMario7654)

Revived Series


  • Microsoft Sam
  • Microsoft Mike
  • Microsoft Mary
  • Microsoft Anna
  • Speakonia Male 1 as the Cake Guy (1-9) (Credited, but actually Speakonia Male 2) Scotty
  • Speakonia Male 2 as Jimmy
  • Speakonia Male 3 as Hank
  • Speakonia Male 4 as Guy
  • Speakonia Male 6 as Mr. Baker
  • Speakonia Male 7 as Harvey Zilth
  • Speakonia Male 8 as Sidney
  • Speakonia Female 1 as Beulah
  • Speakonia Female 2 as Abby
  • LH Michael
  • LH Michelle
  • RoboSoft 2 as Random Scary Logos (Yorkshire Y of Doom at 2, Carlton at 3, Evil Central Moon 4, Viacom V of Doom as Hank in 5 and 16, Bravo UK Logo in 8, Mask of Guo Xiang at 9, Unilever U of Death in 10, Virgin Interactive Eye of Doom in 27) the Angry P-Head the Devil
  • RoboSoft 3 as The Narrator
  • RoboSoft 5 as the Two-Headed P-Head
  • RoboSoft 6 as the Oz Lady of Doom
  • Mike in Space as The Voice of God
  • Francis Monogram as himself
  • Ching Mockerson as herself (in Episode 15)

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