Charlie IDLE

Charlie, generally referred to as "the asshole of the ROFLican Army"

Charlie is a soldier fighting for the United LOLZ of ROFLica in the series, Microsoft Sam and LOL War 1 by TheArcadeProductions. He was introduced in part 5 of the series as an extra, but later became one of the main characters in the series afterward.

Military Career

Charlie never really had much experience outside of LOL War 1. He was drafted by the ROFLican Army after dropping out of high school. His first battle was during the beach raid on the Axis of Evil during the middle stages of LOL War 1, currently known as the liberation of the ROFL East.


Charlie is known by many soldiers in the ROFLican Army as "the biggest douchebag in the army's history". A drug addict with a serious drinking problem, Charlie is one f*cked up guy, usually making up horrible stories about people trying to join the ROFLican Army and calling all women sluts. His fellow soldiers have very negative comments about him:

"A cactus armed with a stick has better fighting ability than this guy."   -Microsoft Mike

"Charlie's just acting like a straight-up dumbass, as usual."  -Dallas

"My ass can fire a gun better than him"  -Microsoft Sam

"This guy outdrinks me, and i'm Virussian."  -Vladimir

"I hope this guy dies soon. I can't stand him."  -Radar Overseer Scotty

"This guy needs to stop drinking and eat some fucking bacon."  -Bacon

"This guy is so stupid i'm surprised that he can wipe his own ass without making a mess."  -James Patterson

"To be honest, i've never really had a lot of encounters with Charlie, but telling from how he acts around here, i can tell that he's an asshole already."  -Military Overseer Richards

"If he can fight just one battle without his idiot pills, he might be of some use to us."  -Microsoft Mary

The following video shows how much of an asshole Charlie is:

Charlie being an asshole- MS Sam and LOL War 101:27

Charlie being an asshole- MS Sam and LOL War 1

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