Child dreaded

Child Dreaded, in the flesh

Radar Overseer Clifford, Otherwise known by his military alias, Child Dreaded, was a United Lols of Roflica agent working for the late James ROFL ten years before his death in the Great Final War.

Early Life

Radar Overseer Clifford H. Rozenburgh was born on June 8th 1995. He was shorter than his peers, and often got beat up and bullied by school jocks when he was in high school. {The most remembered of these jocks being Jock number 08 "Slater"}

He then took to fighting classes and martial arts training, where he gained the strength of a bermise python, and took on the jocks and gave 08 Slater the most painful of attacks. {a kick to the face, resulting in the loss of an eye due to extreme newtons of force} After much publicity, Clifford had left for the military, avoiding college applications. He learned from Hacker how to live and survive in even the most brutal military conditions.

Military Experience

Clifford was drafted by fellow friend Hacker, who was a survivor of the Great Final War. He fought in five different wars, but was captured by unknown entities during the ROFLian Blitz, and his existence was erased by ULR Military officials, but Hacker believed he survived.

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