Chuck Norris Facts
(Not to be confused with MovieGuruThe's Carlos Ray Norris)

Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris (born March 10, 1940) is an American martial artist and actor. After serving in the United States Air Force, he began his rise to fame as a martial artist and has since founded his own school, Chun Kuk Do.

Norris appeared in a number of action films, such as Way of the Dragon in which he starred alongside Bruce Lee and was The Cannon Group's leading star in the 1980s. He next played the starring role in the television series Walker, Texas Ranger from 1993 to 2001. As a result of his "tough guy" image, an Internet phenomenon began in 2005 known as Chuck Norris Facts, ascribing various implausible feats of strength to Norris. But enough quoting from the Wikipedia page.

In the text-to-speech universe, Chuck Norris is a character who appears in many speakonia pwning videos, he has beat up many people from Gio Compario to Bullies and from Habeebzeus to autism haters. Recently, Akriloth2160 has made him star alongside Bruce Campbell, whom Akriloth has described as "Like Chuck Norris, except the films he stars in are actually worth watching for all the right reasons".

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